Thursday, 22 February 2018

Winter League week 15

Mark Tunstall was the only paid entry so he wins his money back with 37 points.

Other results were;

1st Place       Andy Ramsay        48 points   (well played best score of the year).
2nd Place     Ken McLeod          40 Points
3rd Place     Alan Morrison        38 Points

The twos were  Parker Crocket on # 13  Alan Morrison on # 15

Its a close race for the overall winner so make sure you get your games in before the end.

Winter League results

Fist of all let me apologise for the delay in the results, software issues and needed somebody younger and smarter to resolve them.
Here are the winter league results.
Week 13

1st Place        Bob.K.Greig   36 points
2nd Place      Roy Irving       35 Points (countback)
3rd Place       John Stiell       35 Points

There were two 2,s  Mike Stiell #4  John Stiell #6

Week 14

1st Place     Mike Stiell         38 Points
2nd Place    John Stiell          33 Points
3rd Place    Norrie Dyce        29 Points
The above are the results for monies paid into the sweep
All the latest scores are posted on the winter league score sheet.

There was one 2 Mike Stiell #17

Monday, 29 January 2018

Winter League Week 12

There were only 4 players this week in the winter league.

1st Place                   Mike Stiell                 37 Points
2nd Place                  Felix Duncan             36 Points
3rd Place                  Roy Irving                  34 Points  (on a countback)

There was only the one 2 at #4    Roy Irving.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Club Fees Reminder

Can you please note that Club fees are due to be paid by the 31st January 2018 for this coming season. (2.1 in rules and conditions) Failure to pay will result in members not being able to play in any form of club competitions. If you have any queries about this post please contact the club captain in the first instance.

Monday, 22 January 2018

Winter League Week 11

There were 3 brave lads this week,

1st Place                      Alan Morrison                   31 Points
2nd Place                     Ken McLeod                     27 Points
3rd Place                     Parker Crockart                  24 Points

There were no 2's this week so it is carried over.

The Winter League singles and doubles matches have all had their dates changed to account for the course being closed please make sure you check on the Winter League notice board.

Just a quick note re scorecards,
PLEASE make sure that you check them over and are aware of the stroke index at the respective holes.
Thank you.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Gents Match Versus P&KC Ladies Team

The P&KC ladies team have ask if we can supply a team of 8 golfers to play a match against them on Sunday 8th April 2018 with an 11am first tee time. The ladies would prefer if the team consisted of the clubs lowest handicap golfers. I will put a list up on the notice board this Saturday. If you would like to be considered please put your name down with your handicap. A 2 course meal will be provided afterwards.  If you have any questions about this post please contact the Captain in the first instance.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Winter League Week 10 Results

9 of us went out there in better conditions as was obvious by the scores.

1st Place                 Alan Morrison                  46 Points
2nd Place                Felix Duncan                    39 Points
3rd Place                Bob. K. Greig                   37 Points

There were 2 2's   Alan Morrison at #4
                             Bob.K.Greig at  #17

Hopefully the weather stays with us and we can keep on going.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Winter League Week 9

Here are the results of Week 9 of Winter League.
Only 5 hardy (crazy) folk made it round.

1st Place           Felix Duncan                  36 points
2nd Place         Roy Irving                       32 Points
3rd Place          Mike Stiell                      28 Points

There were 2  2's 
Mike Stiell at Number 10
Roy Irving at Number 13.

Hopefully it warms up a bit so that we can get going again.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Sair Heid Bash

13 hardy souls took to the fairways and most completed a 12 hole texas scramble ( 1 team.. no names mentioned..., wimped out after 9 holes)

The winners were

Norrie Dyce/ Andy Reeves / Cathy McNab/ Christine Bruce  with 37.8 points

Runners up
Shona Deans/ Sandy McGibbon/ Mike Stiell  38 points

Thanks to Mike and Mark for providing prizes and to everyone who took part.


Sunday, 31 December 2017

Prize Money

Hello Everyone,
It has been noted that all of you are obviously very well off.
As the sweep money is gathering dust in the Pro shop.
If you have won any money please ensure that you pick it up at the pro shop.
The committee will be making a decision about unclaimed summer winnings very shortly and it may be reallocated if it is not claimed.
Thank you

Winter League week 8 Results

Results for week 8 are:

1st Place             John Stiell          42 points
2nd Place           Andy Ramsay     37 Points
3rd Place            Roy Irving          34 Points

There were no 2's so its carried over to next week.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Sait Heid Bash 2nd January

The Sair Heid Bash will be played on 2nd January . The first tee time has been booked from 10.22am. Please arrive by 10.00am,  if possible, to allow  format to be decided. Any questions about this post please contact the Gents Captain in the first instance.

Winter League week 7

Results winter League Week 7

1st Place      Andy Ramsay     36 points winning on a countback
2 nd Place   Jerry Wood          36 Points
3rd Place     Ken McLeod       34 points

Andy Ramsay had the only 2's at 13 and 17  so wins it all.

Winter League week 6

Sorry thought I had got this but I had saved it to drafts.
Winter league results week 6

1st Place     John Stiell       34 points
2nd Place   Felix Duncan   32 points
3rd Place    Bob. K.Greig   31 points

There was only one  2 at hole 17   Felix Duncan.

Friday, 29 December 2017

Christmas Scramble

A great day at the Christmas Texas Scramble on the 27th. The winners were Billy McGregor, John Stiell and Heather Dawson with a net 50.8.  15 players took part and thanks to Mike Stiell for the prizes and thanks to all who have competed throughout the year.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Christmas 2017 New Year 2018

The Gents Committee wish all club members a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Monday, 11 December 2017

Post Christmas Texas Scramble & Sair Heid Bash

The entry sheet has been posted on the Mixed notice board for this years mixed Christmas Texas scramble. Mice pies will be available prior to tee off time.

The entry sheet for the Sair Heid bash will be posted on the mixed notice board this Tuesday 12th.

Winter League results Week 5

A Mixed week with some good weather and some really bad.

First Place               John Stiell           37 Points   7 Pound

Second Place          Mike Stiell          33 Points    4 Pound 80

Third Place             Ken McLeod       32 Points    2 Pound 40

Only 1 Two at Hole # 16    Mike Stiell 7 pound Plus carry over 5 pound

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Winter League Results Week 4

Here are the results for the winter league week 4.

1st Place           Bob.K.Greig         39 Points
2nd Place         Felix Duncan         38 Points
3rd Place          Andy Ramsay        34 Points   (on a countback)