Friday, 25 May 2018

Standings Up to date for 72 hole strokeplay (after 3 rounds)

Here are the up to date standings ahead of tomorrows final round in the 72 Hole Strokeplay.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Wednesday Bogey 23rd May Results

Here are the results for the 23rd May.

Draw for 72 Hole Strokeplay May 26th

Here is the draw for Saturday 26th May.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Fraser Four Results

Perfect conditions again for a fun day of golf!
Thanks to Rhoda for providing the prizes and presenting the trophy.
A big thanks to all who took part too as we need and non winners to make a competition.

Nearest the pin
Gents.   Hole 4     M Melville
Ladies   Hole 6     L Haynes
Ladies   Hole 13   C Parrott
Gents     Hole 17   G Greig

Trophy winners    M Steil / H Dawson    63.8.
Runners up.           S and A McLaren.       65

 Thankyou all for your support.

  Sign up for the Russian Stableford on 3rd June . Could be an interesting day.!!!

Christine.   (Gary sunning himself)

Saturday, 19 May 2018

May Monthly Medal results

Here are the results for the May Medal,  Full results for divisions are posted in the Locker room.

Keep it in the short stuff.

Friday Night Game

On a glorious evening at Strathmore there were 4 of us going out. As we couldn't play 6's with that number, we played corners. This is a game where at the first hole you decide on partners and play for the next 3 holes. You switch partners every 3 holes so that you partner with each player once in the nine. There are 2 points available per hole with the 2 low net scores against each other for 1point and the 2 high net scores against each other for the other point. a Tie means no points. (Full handicaps are played).
Well done to Eric Gray for partnering well and getting 14 Points
Neil Rae had 12 points. Mike Stiell 11 points and Norrie Dyce had 10 points.
A great evening and some really good golf, hopefully we can entice a few others out to enjoy in the future.
Keep it on the short stuff.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

More House keeping

Hello Folks,
Ok I contacted the computer folk and according to them it is fine just internet a tad slow.
I know some of you have had a few issues entering scores, I am bringing up a stylus Pen which you can use for inputting scores. I will attach it with string or rope or chain or wire hauser if need be. PLEASE do not steal this pen for the sake of all concerned.
Thank you and keep it in the short stuff.

Results from Wednesday 16th May

Here are the results from Wednesday. Full Results will be posted on the Locker room wall.

May Monthly Medal Draw May 19th

Sorry for the delay here is the draw for the May monthly Medal

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Fraser Fours Draw


12.00   S and A McLaren                            F and S Barber

12.07   G Greig/ K Finlay                            M Melville / C Bruce

12.15   S Saunders/ C Parrott                      G and L Haynes

12.22   S  Barber/ A Baird                           M Steil / H Dawson

12.30   I and A Cameron                              C Brand / R Fraser

12.37   C Flanagan/ D McLuskey                S McGibbon / G Allardice




HANDICAP ALLOWANCE ADD….    0.6 of lower handicap
                                                                  0.4 of higher handicap




LADIES     6th and 13th
GENTS      4th  and  17th 

Friday Night game

Hello All.
This Friday 25th  is the first of our Friday night games and it is the 6's format.
A great game that is played in 3 balls.
There are 6 points available on each hole and they are divided between the group based on net scores per hole.
If everybody has a the same then its 2 points each
Win the hole outright and you get 4 points the others get 1 point each if they tie or if one player does better then he gets 2 and the poor score zero.
If 2 players tie for the best score then they get 3 points each and the other zero.
If 2 players fail to complete the hole (NR that hole) then the other player gets 6 points ( I have never seen this happen).
The winner is done by a tally at the end of all scores and highest number of points wins ( countbacks done in the same method as regular golf).
I hope to see a few out for this as its a great fun way of playing against not only your own group but with the field as well.
I will be at the course from 4pm on to answer any questions and if you wish to play please just shoot me a note   07943 872573
Keep it on the Short Stuff.

Mon May 14th Stableford Results

Here are the results for Monday.
The 2's included a £6.50 Carry over from April 30th

Saturday, 12 May 2018

House Keeping

Good Evening All,
I think I have managed to resolve the computer issue and it should be working fine from now on.

PLEASE ensure that you fill out your scorecards correctly and please make sure that you enter the correct amount of money or even in some cases like today put some money into an envelope if you are entering the sweep and 2's it costs a pound entry for the competition.
Thank you all.
Keep it in the short stuff.

May 12th 72 Hole Strokeplay round 3 results

Here are the results (Full results will be posted in the Men's Locker Room).

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Wed May 9th Stableford Results

Here are the competition results for Wed 9th Stableford
Full results are posted in the Men's Locker room.

Draw for 72 hole Strokeplay Round 3 May 12th

Here is the draw for May 12, 72 hole Strokeplay Round 3
Please note this is a slightly different of the tee sheet AM times are in first attachment
PM tee times in second.

Any Questions then please just call
Keep it in the short stuff.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Spring Meeting May 5th Results

Apologies to all for the delay in this post, (many many reasons sheesh).

Keep It In The Short Stuff.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Gary Smith Shield

What a beautiful day for a game of golf. Thanks to all who took part.

Magic 2s winners

Norrie Dyce
Sheena Scott
Mike Offen
Steve Saunders

Nearest pin gents on 6th :-G McLuskey

Nearest pin ladies on 13th :-   S Scott

Winners:-             S and F Barber           47 points

Runners Up:-         C McNab and M Offen    46 points

Well played  all !!

ps I did miss you Mark but Gavin was very nice to me and played well!!!

Christine and Gary

Friday, 4 May 2018

Good News

Hello Everybody,
Good news the new handicap card PSI has been installed and is working, which I am sure is a big relief to all, myself included.
A big thank you to David for all his help with the installation.
Keep it in the short stuff.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Results for Summer League card 2

Here are the results for Summer League Card 2
Only 6 in the sweep